Treepod Stool



Designed to be different.  Unique in colour and beauty. Complex in its construction and finish. Purpleheart is a beautiful tropical hardwood. When planed and exposed to oxygen, the wood reveals natural purple hues.  The exquisite colour of the wood is preserved by coating it in very thin layers of a bleaching clear coat.  Translucent varnish is then applied to the base, so the grain is visible to the eye.

The unique tulip shade is handmade using specially woven glass fibre. The open weave of the shade diffuses light beautifully and is essential to creating the perfect ambiance.

Marco’s aptitude for craftsmanship and design, extends to his use of colour.  Great care was taken to mix the colour pigments, so the shade was an exact colour match to the wooden base.  Simplicity, yet complex in its continuity and elegance.

The Treepod Tulip Purpleheart was a bespoke commission piece.  To create something similar, using different elements, please contact us to make an appointment to discuss your personal specifications.