Treepod Light Tulp

Black Burned Oak


Synonymous with the Dutch, the tulip takes centre stage in Marco’s collection of Treepod Lights. The unique tulip shade is handmade using specially woven glass fibre. The open structure of the shade diffuses light beautifully and adds a gentle aesthetic to your space.

The oak base of this stunning lamp was transformed using the ancient Japanese art of Shousugiban. The technique used to burn wood. Maintaining the integrity of the wood requires absolute precision. There is no room for error. Once cooled the wood is brushed to remove any residue. The base is then polished with wax and oil to enhance the dramatic character of the dark burned oak.

The Treepod Light Tulip is a uniquely elegant piece of sculptural lighting.

For more information about the Treepod Light Tulip and to discuss your personal specifications please contact us. The design can be made with an untreated oak base or finished with a white Rubio mono-coat. Marco can also make a plain white shade.