Treepod Light NR2

Oak – White


Designed to make a statement. Distinguished. Steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. The Treepod NR2 White Oak combines contemporary design with traditional manufacturing skills. The base, made from ancient European oak, once planed, sanded and brushed, the base is finished with a hard wax and polished to reveal the characterful grain of the wood.

The shade is precision cut and constructed entirely by hand to ensure the angles of the shade match those of the base. The open weave of the of the shade diffuses light perfectly to create an ambient light. The shade is completed with fine layers of an acrylic composite, giving it a beautifully sleek finish.

The Treepod Light NR2, Oak – White has qualities that will enhance your space magnificently.

For more information about the Treepod Light NR2 and to discuss your personal specifications, please contact us.