Treepod Light NR2

Smoked Oak – Stainless steel


Designed with a lofty air of majesty.  White adds a bold, clean dramatic design statement to a space.   The oak and steel in the base provide contrast and a sense of strength and purpose.   The base is cut from ancient oak, once planed, sanded and brushed, the base is oiled and waxed to enhance its natural grain.

Created to make a statement, the hood has an open structure which defuses light beautifully.  Stainless steel elements in the hood add strength and drama.  The lamp is proud, radiates elegance, makes a statement.  It will work effortlessly in your space to create a unique ambiance.  This exclusive design is a conversation starter.

Like all of Marco’s exclusive designs the NR2 can be crafted to meet your exacting needs.  Please contact us to discuss your specifications.