Marco Tabak Create Handmade respects your privacy as a visitor to this website. We treat the personal information you provide confidentially and process your personal data in accordance with the requirements of privacy law.


Marco Tabak Create Handmade processes your personal data for various purposes:

  • They provide access to our website.
  • They make it possible to contact you when you request it.
  • They provide insight into the use of our website.
  • They help us to improve and evaluate this website and our services.

For this Marco Tabak Create Handmade uses the following information from you:

  • possibly your company name and data (insofar as this is personal data),
  • name, address and place of residence, if applicable,
  • e-mail address,
  • telephone number,
  • IP addresses.


We use cookies or similar technologies on this website. This means that information is stored and/or read on your device. This information is called cookies and has several purposes:

* functional cookies: we use these to enable functionalities of the website and to protect the website;

* analytics cookies: we use these to analyze visits by internet users to our website. Based on this, we can improve the website;

* other cookies: we use these to make it possible for you in the future to sign up for newsletters, online chat functions and to be able to use external media such as Google Maps and YouTube on our website.

We only store Analytics cookies and other cookies if you expressly agree to this. Important to know: our website works more optimally when you agree to the use of cookies.

Cookies are often used for a certain period of time. There is, as it were, an expiration date and when that date has passed, those cookies are automatically deleted. If you want to delete certain cookies earlier, you can do that manually. You can find out how in the manual of your browser.


This privacy statement does not apply to websites of others that are linked to the Marco Tabak Create Handmade website. We cannot guarantee that these organizations handle your personal data safely and reliably. Before using these websites, you can read how they handle your data in the privacy statement of these organizations.


If you have questions about our privacy policy, if you want to view your personal data or if you want to change or delete data, you can contact Marco Tabak Create Handmade.


Marco Tabak Create Handmade will not use your personal data for purposes other than those stated in this statement, unless you have given permission for this in advance or when it is required by law. We do not store your data for longer than is necessary for the aforementioned purposes in this privacy statement.

Marco Tabak Create Handmade has the right to change this privacy statement in the interim. We will announce changes on this website. By regularly reviewing our privacy statement, you will be kept informed of any changes.