About Marco

A classically trained craftsman with a passion for contemporary design, clean lines and beautifully unique materials – Marco lives and breathes design. The son of a cabinet maker, Marco’s love for wood and furniture started when he was young.  Marco studied at Amsterdam’s prestigious Wood and Furnishings College.  The college, which opened in 1929, has an illustrious, alumni, some of whom gained notoriety during the golden age of contemporary Dutch design. 

Marco’s teachers recognised his passion for wood and challenged him to further explore modern and conceptual design.  After graduating, Marco worked as an interior design engineer and yacht builder at the eminent Royal Huisman Shipyard.  During this period, he worked on commissions for the super-rich and in an environment where only perfect is good enough; Marco soon learnt the art of precision, exclusivity and his love of bespoke design. 

Contemporary Design

In 2012 Marco designed his first Tripod Stool.  Tripods have always fascinated Marco.  Wanting to create a gift for his young daughter, he set about designing a simple stool for her first birthday. Little did he know that this would be the starting point of a new venture in contemporary design.

Marco’s signature piece, the Tripod Stool is a conceptual design which can, in reality, only be executed by a highly skilled craftsman.  Like humans the Tripod Stool is unique, every angle offers  a different perspective.

Marco Tabak Create Handmade: de perfecte combinatie van vakmanschap en Dutch Design. In de materiaalkeuze en afwerking van elk meubelstuk is het ambacht duidelijk te herkennen. Lees er meer over bij de items in onze Gallery. Heeft u een vraag of wilt u een afspraak maken voor een adviesbezoek aan huis neem dan gerust Contact op.