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Where exclusive, contemporary designs marry traditional craftsmanship with natural and industrial materials to create luxurious furniture and lighting.  Marco’s mission is to create striking sophisticated designs with modern clean lines for a clientele with a passion for art and interior design.

All in the detail

Marco’s collection is hand crafted. Wood provides strength, warmth and texture, while contrast and sophistication are created by introducing stainless steel, glass or composite into a design. Each piece is sympathetically made by hand – materials and finish emulate the design – creating pieces of transitional lighting or furniture that blend architectural design with the aesthetics of your space. To find out more about how each piece is made please visit the Gallery. Alternatively, to observe how one of Marco’s designs works to transition a space then please visit the Impressions page.

Original Ducth Design

Created for connoisseurs of the unique, for those with an eye for design and an appreciation of art – each piece is hand finished.  And like the work of a true artist, each bespoke piece is signed and numbered by Marco.  Every one of his designs has a limited number run which ensures rarity and exclusivity. If you would like to take a closer look at Marco’s collection of sculptural lighting and furniture to find out it works in your space, please Contact us.

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A designer who combines powerful design with functionality. He can transform raw materials in his studio into designs that you can only admire.



We were already fans of Marco after purchasing a beautiful lamp. Later Marco also made us a beautiful cabinet as well. He listened carefully to our ideas and made something beautiful out of it with his own input. Still very thankful.



Brilliant artist. Very unique design. All breathtaking products!



Meet the treepod light